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About the Medical Clinic

     We believe that by improving the health & wellbeing of communities locally, we can also contribute to wellness globally.

     Equity embraces two meanings.  It refers to something of value, such as investment in your health & happiness by seeking care when illness or injury occurs.  It also implies fairness or justice.  This describes our efforts to improve health opportunities throughout the world.

     The ability to care for oneself and family is an essential part of surviving & thriving.  Access to quality healthcare is a common concern that connects each of us.  We work not only to provide these services here in Houston but also to efforts abroad.  To this end, 10% of profits go to improving health worldwide.

Providing you with the Best Doctors for the Best Care

Our Medical Director

Dr. Victoria Hopkins received an MD at Brown University, MBA at Rice and MPH at Harvard.  After completing a surgical fellowship in Austin, she moved to Houston and worked as an ER physician.  For the last ten years, Dr. Hopkins has devoted her time to building clinics that offer patients more convenience, less cost and better care.

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Comments about our Doctors

  • "Awesome.  Put me at ease."

  • "Great care and very informative."

  • "Very thorough, attentive to questions, concerns." 

  • "Thank you for providing the best experience I have had at the doctor's office.  You were kind and really took your time to help me."

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